Thursday, 9 March 2017

Hitachino Nest Beer - White Ale 330ml bottle

Name: Hitachino Nest Beer

Brewery: Kiuchi Brewery

Style: White Ale

Purchased at: A shop called Aming, it sells fancy things.

Price: ¥300

Taste: 9/10

Alcohol Level: 5.5%

Music: The Cure - Greatest Hits.

Snack: I think I made quesadillas that night, but I can't remember.



I was cooking tea and listening to music, so I decided to have a few beers, everyone in town was shocked because I have never done this before.

I was looking forward to this beer because the label is cool and I like White Ales a lot. I was not at all dissapointed! This beer was really refreshing and delicious. The label says it was made with orange peel, which I felt like I could taste, but maybe I just thought that because the label said so.

This beer might be my favourite now, I will try a few along side the Yona Yona pale ale to see which I prefer. If nothing else I think that this company is becoming my favourite beer company in Japan.

This company seems really switched on. It looks like they are getting distributed around the world now. And you can brew your own beer there, which is bloody cool. As far as I know not a lot of breweries offer this in Japan. And people cannot brew their own beer at home, due to strict laws, so this is a really awesome oppertunity for people in Japan.

Keep an eye out for the owl mascot of this beer, and drink a lot of it! Support companies doing cool things like this!

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